Sandisk Recovery: How to Retrieve Pictures from Sandisk Card on Mac

Lost your pictures from sandisk memory card? Looking for sandisk recovery, know it how? Sandisk card is used in various devices such as cell phones, digital camera etc for storing pictures or images captured through it. It have storage capacity ranging from 2 to 64 GB. As we know, pictures or images carry important part in our life. And no body wants to lose any of them. Inspite of being a popular storage device , it get corrupted and user have to suffer heavy data loss due to this. Thus it annoys them a lot when they finds their valuable pictures missing.

Cause of Loss of Pictures from Sandisk Memory Card

There can be various reason responsible for loss of pictures from sandisk card. Some includes:

  • Accidentally pulling out the memory card from the device
  • Severe virus or other malware attack
  • Accidental format of the card
  • Sudden shut down of the device
  • Unexpected power cut

Any of the above mentioned issue can be responsible for deletion of photos or images from sandisk card. When user finds that their files had been deleted from the sandisk memory card, immediately switch off your device and remove the card from the device. They should also stop saving any new file and do not install any new software as there is a risk of deleted files getting overwritten by a new one. After following these step, there arises a need for sandisk recovery for the easy recovery of deleted files.

How to Recover your Deleted Pictures from Sandisk Memory Card

Now the question arises how to retrieve pictures from sandisk card? Memory card recovery software provides user an ultimate solution for safe and easy recovery of the lost files from the memory card. It undergoes powerful scanning algorithm and searches for the deleted files from the memory card. Along with this, it provides user a complete preview of the scanned files. It also provides user with easy graphical user interface so that it does not need any technical supports while recovery. It provides an additional features of saving files in the location as per their desire. Memory card recovery software is available in both demo version and licensed version. User can easily download its demo version to see how reliable it is. Along with photos and images it help in retrieval of other deleted files such as videos, audio files, documents etc too.

User Guide: How to Use Memory Card Recovery Software

Step 1: Connect the memory card to your PC and then click on the start scan button which appears at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: All the list of the storage media get listed. Select the drive to retrieve your formatted photos. It also allow you to select advance scanning method for easy recovery according to file formats.

Step 3: Then a list of recovered file types get displayed. Select the desired files which you need to recover. Then start the scanning process to retrieve your lost files from it.

Step 4: The memory card recovery software also displays preview of the recoverable files before recovery. Select the files to start the recovery process.

Step 5: When scanning process completes over, all the recovered files get listed so that you can easily view them.

Step 6: Select a location and save the recovered files as per your choice.



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