Know the Steps for Sandisk Memory Card Recovery

Has your Sandisk memory card gone corrupt? Unable to access the images and video files stored on the Sandisk memory card? Sandisk memory card is often used in many digital cameras, camcorders and mobile phones for storing images, video and music files. It is prone to get corrupted due to mishandling or issues such as virus invasion, abrupt removal of the card while writing process is active etc.. Although the users might not be able to view images or videos as soon as they are deleted or erased but such files are not permanently deleted or destroyed instantly. They continue to exist safely on the card and can be still recovered if the user take care of the following points.

Firstly it is important to stop using the digital camera and the sandisk memory card must be safely removed. The step is a precautionary measure so that the deleted images and videos do not get overwritten or else the chances for sandisk memory card recovery becomes almost negligible. If you are getting various error messages while accessing the memory card, you can try reinserting the card. In some cases, the problem gets sorted out by reinserting the sandisk card. However, if the error still exists then you need to use some other alternatives. Actually the sandisk corruption can be rectified by formatting the card but the stored data will be permanently lost once the card is formatted.


Therefore it is recommended not to format the card and instead, you should switch to memory card recovery software that supports and makes sandisk memory card recovery possible. All you have to do is to search for the professional third party software and install it on your system. The users can find the complete guide on how to run the software to accomplish sandisk memory card recovery as mentioned below:

User Guide: Steps for Sandisk Memory card recovery

Step-1: Select Start Scan button after connecting the storage with your computer to recover photos, videos and audios files from sandisk Memory Card.

Step-2: Choose Advanced scan to select the drive for recovering lost photos, videos and audios files on sandisk memory card

Step-3: Start the scanning process to recover your lost data from sandisk memory card, and select the desired files from list of recoverable file types.

Step 4:  select an individual files to start the recovering process of files.

Step-5: After the scanning process is over it will display list of the recovered files as preview

Step 6: Select the specific location where you want to store the recovered files.

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