Information For Lexar Memory Card Recovery

Lexar offers a wide range of memory card in the segment of the digital media products including SD card, SDHC, SDXC, Compact flash, microSD card etc. it is mostly used by professionals who require to capture high quality photos and store them for future purposes. The Lexar memory card keeps the data highly secured for future references. However, loss of stored files cannot be ruled out if you happen to delete the photos unintentionally, or press the format button accidentally. Sometimes while making some space free for new files, the users might delete some important photos by mistake. Digital data is prone to get corrupted or deleted when you never intended to do so. It can be a nightmare for the users to depart with their cherished moments. Many of the users lose all their hopes to recover the deleted photos, videos or any other multimedia files as they believe that items once erased from the Lexar memory card cannot be restored back.

But this is simply wrong opinion that need to be changed. Lexar memory card recovery is possible and one should not give up the efforts to recover lost photos, videos and memories that somehow got erased from the memory card. However, in order to accomplish the recovery process, you must remove the memory card from the digital camera at the earliest. This small step would prove to be an important aspect for Lexar memory card recovery. When the photos, videos etc are deleted from memory card, they are actually not instantly wiped out. It remains physically intact but becomes inaccessible or invisible. Moreover, the space of such files is returned to the memory card as it is marked as free.


At such point of time, if you happen to write new files, it will quickly overwrite and occupy the existing space. Thus, the deleted items will be deleted for ever. Thus it is advised to think twice before erasing the data from the memory card. Finally, users must switch to memory card recovery software that supports and recovers deleted files from Lexar memory card. The tool can really be used for restoring the deleted files at any instance and recover your lost memories.

User Guide: Lexar Memory Card Recovery

Step-1: Select Start Scan button after connecting the storage with your computer to recover photos, videos and audios files from Lexar Memory Card.

Step-2: Choose Advanced scan to select the drive for recovering lost photos, videos and audios files.

Step-3: Start the scanning process to recover your lost data from Lexar memory card, and select the desired files from list of recoverable file types.

Step 4:  select an individual files to start the recovering process of files.

Step-5: After the scanning process is over it will display list of the recovered files as preview

Step 6: Select the desired location where you want to save the recovered files.


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