Retrieve Data from Unreadable Micro SD Card

Retrieve Data from Unreadable Micro SD CardUnable to access files from your Micro SD card? Want to recover data from unreadable Micro SD card? Now a days Micro SD card is being used in all over the world for the purpose of easy storage and transferring of data from various degital devices. It is considerd as the most convenint and safe portable storage media. However sometimes it happens that due to some certain reasons Micro SD card become unexpectidely unreadable and users are unable to access or store any data from it. The main behind the occurence of this very problem is corruption issue. Micro SD card can get corrupted due to any poccible reason such as virus attack, abrupt ejection of SD card, using storage media frequently in various devices, device malfuntioning and many more. In such situation users badly needs to retrieve data from unreadable Micro SD card.

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Easy Way to Fix Canon Memory Card Error

Unable to access data from canon SD card? Are you facing Canon memory card error? It is one of the most common issue which can be encountered by canon memory card users due to any corruption issue. There are many reasons which can be responsible for corruption in Canon SD card and causes emergence of this very error issue such as a virus attack, improper removal of memory card, using SD card in various devices, incomplete file transferring, etc. Occurrence of this completely malefic error issues bound the users to store any new file on the infected storage device. Moreover it can also results in data inaccessibility and leads the users to some serious data crisis issue. In such situation several annoying error messages appears on the screen whenever users try to access their access their files from corrupted Canon SD card.

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SDHC card recovery: Fix SDHC Card Not Recognized Error

Unable to access data from SDHC card? Looking for it recovery, know it how? SDHC is a digital card used in various devices like smart phone, iPhone, iPad, mp3 player etc. It store wide range of data such as audio, video, photos, music etc. But inspite of being a useful device it get corrupted and as a result loses various files stored in it. Sometimes many error messages too display around which irritate user a lot. SDHC card not recognized error is one among them.

Reason behind the error
Some of the reason responsible for this error is given as below:

  • Low battery
  • Memory card corrupted
  • Memory card locked
  • Infected by virus or Trojan
  • Damage in SDHC Card etc.

Any one of the above mentioned issue could be responsible for corruption problem in SDHC card. Such error indicate that file is corrupted and you will not be able to open the file. Though it is also true that any file stored in SDHC card does not get deleted forever. Hence one can easily retrieve the lost data or files before it get overwritten by a new one. Backup also play a major role in getting back lost files from the memory card. But if user do not have backup, immediately look for an effective recovery tool for SDHC card recovery.

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Sandisk Recovery: How to Retrieve Pictures from Sandisk Card on Mac

Lost your pictures from sandisk memory card? Looking for sandisk recovery, know it how? Sandisk card is used in various devices such as cell phones, digital camera etc for storing pictures or images captured through it. It have storage capacity ranging from 2 to 64 GB. As we know, pictures or images carry important part in our life. And no body wants to lose any of them. Inspite of being a popular storage device , it get corrupted and user have to suffer heavy data loss due to this. Thus it annoys them a lot when they finds their valuable pictures missing.

Cause of Loss of Pictures from Sandisk Memory Card

There can be various reason responsible for loss of pictures from sandisk card. Some includes:

  • Accidentally pulling out the memory card from the device
  • Severe virus or other malware attack
  • Accidental format of the card
  • Sudden shut down of the device
  • Unexpected power cut

Any of the above mentioned issue can be responsible for deletion of photos or images from sandisk card. When user finds that their files had been deleted from the sandisk memory card, immediately switch off your device and remove the card from the device. They should also stop saving any new file and do not install any new software as there is a risk of deleted files getting overwritten by a new one. After following these step, there arises a need for sandisk recovery for the easy recovery of deleted files.

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Memory Card Recovery: Fix Sandisk Memory Card Error

Sandisk memory card is mostly used to store photos or images which are captured by digital camera. But due to some reason all the pictures stored in it get deleted. Hence as a result user fails to access those files when it get deleted. There can be many unwanted issues which result in deletion of files from digital camera such as pulling out of memory card, accidental deletion of pictures, infected due to severe virus attack etc. Hence due to any of the following issues, user become fails to access them. Lots of error messages keep displaying when user try to read those files from sandisk memory card. Some errors are:

  • “memory card error”
  • “card error”
  • “card locked”
  • “memory card full”

In such case the above displayed error keep arising and ask user to format the card. Once you format the card, there are major chances of old files being overwritten by another. It is also asked not to install any software or save any new file otherwise there is a high risk of old files getting modified by a new one. Backup also holds a major role in retrieving lost files from memory card. But in case there is no backup, then its better to opt a reliable memory card recovery tool.


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Memory Card Recovery: Easily Recover Deleted Data from Memory Card

People really get annoyed when they find their memory card corrupted. It really irritate them when they loses all of their files stored in it. Memory card is considered to be a small and reliable storage device which is commonly used in all storage devices. It stores wide range of data inside it. Inspite of being so reliable, we can’t avoid data loss due to corruption. Our valuable data stored in memory card may get lost or damaged due to various reason such as:

  • Virus attack
  • Human error
  • Pulling out of memory card
  • Accidentally deletion of data or files
  • Power cut

Hence the above mentioned reason finally results in deletion of files from the memory card. There is a severe data loss when people come across such type of issues. But there is no need to worry as you can retrieve your lost files if you store backup. Well if there is no backup, no other way better than a reliable recovery tool could help you in getting back those valuable files from memory card. It is also true that data which get deleted from memory card does not get permanently lost forever. It still resides in its location till it get overwritten by a new one. Hence user should immediately remove the memory card from the device when it get corrupted. They should also stop saving any new file otherwise there is a risk of old data or files being overwritten by a new one. If user still fails to retrieve their deleted data from the corrupted memory card, its better to use a memory card recovery software.

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Know the Steps for Sandisk Memory Card Recovery

Has your Sandisk memory card gone corrupt? Unable to access the images and video files stored on the Sandisk memory card? Sandisk memory card is often used in many digital cameras, camcorders and mobile phones for storing images, video and music files. It is prone to get corrupted due to mishandling or issues such as virus invasion, abrupt removal of the card while writing process is active etc.. Although the users might not be able to view images or videos as soon as they are deleted or erased but such files are not permanently deleted or destroyed instantly. They continue to exist safely on the card and can be still recovered if the user take care of the following points.

Firstly it is important to stop using the digital camera and the sandisk memory card must be safely removed. The step is a precautionary measure so that the deleted images and videos do not get overwritten or else the chances for sandisk memory card recovery becomes almost negligible. If you are getting various error messages while accessing the memory card, you can try reinserting the card. In some cases, the problem gets sorted out by reinserting the sandisk card. However, if the error still exists then you need to use some other alternatives. Actually the sandisk corruption can be rectified by formatting the card but the stored data will be permanently lost once the card is formatted.


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Information For Lexar Memory Card Recovery

Lexar offers a wide range of memory card in the segment of the digital media products including SD card, SDHC, SDXC, Compact flash, microSD card etc. it is mostly used by professionals who require to capture high quality photos and store them for future purposes. The Lexar memory card keeps the data highly secured for future references. However, loss of stored files cannot be ruled out if you happen to delete the photos unintentionally, or press the format button accidentally. Sometimes while making some space free for new files, the users might delete some important photos by mistake. Digital data is prone to get corrupted or deleted when you never intended to do so. It can be a nightmare for the users to depart with their cherished moments. Many of the users lose all their hopes to recover the deleted photos, videos or any other multimedia files as they believe that items once erased from the Lexar memory card cannot be restored back.

But this is simply wrong opinion that need to be changed. Lexar memory card recovery is possible and one should not give up the efforts to recover lost photos, videos and memories that somehow got erased from the memory card. However, in order to accomplish the recovery process, you must remove the memory card from the digital camera at the earliest. This small step would prove to be an important aspect for Lexar memory card recovery. When the photos, videos etc are deleted from memory card, they are actually not instantly wiped out. It remains physically intact but becomes inaccessible or invisible. Moreover, the space of such files is returned to the memory card as it is marked as free.


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Samsung Memory Card Recovery Software to Restore Deleted Files Easily

It can be a fun to use Samsung digital cameras for capturing lively photos and recording videos of fantastic moments that gets saved on the memory card. It is easy to share the photos among your friends and relatives. In the event of sharing or transferring the photos, it can be accidentally deleted in the state of excitement. Many times the images gets erased due to pressing delete all button accidentally or due to formatting of the memory card. This can be a embarrassing moment for the users and it can really be frustrating. What really bothers the users is the very thought that deleted photos are lost forever and cannot be recovered. Do you feel the same? Wait, it is a misconception and need to be cleared. Actually, Samsung memory card recovery is possible and one can restore the images, videos and audio files that was deleted from its memory card.

Want to know how? Just read the complete extract. When the images are deleted from the memory card it does not gets permanently moved or erased till it has been overwritten by some new items. Actually, the deleted items becomes inaccessible as the pointer indexing the location is unable to find them. The best advise for the users is to stop using the memory card and remove it instantly from Samsung digital cameras. This must be done to keep the deleted images physically intact and ensure Samsung memory card recovery. The users are further advised to employ Samsung memory card recovery software that has been designed for recovering the deleted, erased and formatted pictures, videos and audio files from memory card of various models of Samsung digital cameras.

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PNY Memory Card Recovery in Hassle Free Way

Have you accidentally deleted some of your important photos from pny memory card? It can be a nervous moment for the users when they find their memorable photos missing from the digital camera. However, users need not panic as pny memory card recovery is possible, if they act wisely without delaying further. It is generally seen that whenever photos or any other files are deleted from the memory card. It does not gets wiped out permanently. Its just that files becomes inaccessible and cannot be located or indexed on the memory card. The space occupied by the deleted photo files are marked as free and ready to be overwritten and replaced by new one. Digital photos are prone to corruption. There are various reasons which might erase or damage the digital photos stored on the pny digital camera’s memory card. Some of them are illustrated below:

  • accidentally deleting photos
  • abrupt pulling of the memory card
  • virus attack
  • clicking photos with low battery
  • human errors
  • physical damage of the card
  • formatting the memory card

Any one of the above factors can really damage or erase the photos stored on the memory card. This is why it is emphasized to create a valid backup of the important photos and files stored on the memory card. pny memory card recovery is quite easy and one can conveniently restore the deleted and damaged photos if you have stored the backup of the data somewhere on your computer. But, in case when there is no backup, the users have to rely upon third party memory card recovery software. However users are advised to stop using the memory card as soon as the photos gets deleted. This step is important to ensure that deleted images does not get replaced or overwritten by new images. Else it will make the possibilities of the memory card recovery almost negligible.


Without trying anything vague, the users must switch to third party memory card recovery tool that supports and recovers photos from the memory card of pny digital camera. The utility can easily let you access the deleted, missing and erased photos and thus making pny memory card recovery possible without any hassle.

User Guide

Step 1:Install and run the software to Select Start Scan button to recover photos, videos and audios files from your PNY memory cards and other digital storage media.

Step 2: Select the drive for recovering lost photos, videos and audios files. There is also option for advance scanning.

Step3: Start the scan process once recoverable file types are displayed, select the desired files types to be recovered.

Step 4: Select an individual files to start the recovering process. The progress bar displays the scanning process.

Step 5: After scanning process gets completed, the preview of the items to be recovered will be displayed.

Step 6: Select the desired location where you want to save the recovered files.


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