Memory Card recovery: Recover Photos from Corrupted Sandisk Memory Card

Got your sandisk card corrupted? Unable to access data from it? Sandisk memory card is a mostly used storage devices and is found in almost all digital devices such as cell phones, digital camera, portable music players etc. It allows user to store beautiful moments of their life in the form of pictures so that they can easily have a look whenever they want. It is easily available in the market having different storage capacities that is upto 32 GB. But sometimes due to corruption it get damaged and cannot be accessed anymore.

Reason of Data Loss from the Memory Card

There can be many reason which stay behind corruption of data or files in memory card. Some of them includes:

  • Severe virus or Trojan attack
  • Mishandling of the memory card
  • Memory card pulled out
  • File system corrupted

Error messages

At the same time due to the above mentioned reason, people also come across various error messages. Some of them includes:

  • “This device cannot start”
  • “Memory card error”
  • “Windows was unable to complete the format”
  • “I/O device error”

Hence such error indicates that memory card is corrupted and cannot be further used. However the files which gets deleted still remain on the card. But it cannot be accessed anymore due to corruption.

 Prevention tips to prevent files from further getting corrupted

  • Immediately remove the memory card from the device
  • Do not save any new file
  • Do not format the memory card otherwise it may result in deletion of files forever.

If memory card user becomes unable to retrieve their corrupted files it is very essential for user for an immediate sandisk memory card recovery.

Best Solution: Memory Card Recovery Software

It is very essential for user to immediate recover their lost files till get overwritten by a new one. Memory card recovery software is a reliable data recovery software which is inbuilt with advanced scanning algorithm to recover all your lost files from sandisk card. The memory card recovery software efficiently restores any type of damaged data no matter whatever be the reason behind corruption. It easily enables user to get back their lost files as it comes along with easy graphical user interface. It safely recovers any multimedia files along with other documents as well. Moreover it also easily recovers lost files from other media such as Cell Phones, Memory Card, Digital Camera etc.

User Guide: How to Use Memory Card Recovery Software

Follow the steps given below to get back your files from corrupted sandisk memory card:

Step 1: Attach the sandisk memory card to your PC and then click on start scan button to retrieve your photos, videos and other multimedia files from it.

Step 2: Select the drive to recover your lost files. You can also select on advance scanning to customize the recovery process as per file formats.

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Step 3: All the list of recovered files types get displayed. Select the file which you need to recover. Then click on the scanning option to retrieve your lost files.

Step 4: It also provide you features so that you can easily view the recovered files before starting the recovery process. Now select the files to start the recovery process. The progress bar displays the scanning process.

Step 5: When scanning process get overs a complete list of recovered files get listed so that you can easily have preview of it.


Step 6: Select a location where you need to save your recovered files. Then save the files as per your desire.






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